Product Engineering

IES core experience is in the services of Product Engineering in the areas of Interior, Exterior and BIW.

Expertise in complete Design cycle with various levels of expertise including concept sections generation till the tool Maker modifications.

Expertise in Plastic moulding and the tool knowledge right from the concepts stage gives the Design more robust and product with manufacturing feasibility.

As all the projected executed till now by IES are from Germany and Europe where IES acquired knowledge in OEM expectations and the manufacturing feasibility of various Tier 1 Suppliers based on their Production Processes which reduces the efforts of the Customer Project leads and creates value and cost saving.

Highly qualified and experienced engineers of IES executed the projects in Interior components systems Cockpit, Center Console, Overhead Systems, Pillars, Seating components, HVAC systems, Trunk compartment and Floors.

Versed with exterior components like Bumpers, Spoilers and the Engine compartment components and also foot print in BIW brings IES in diversified knowledge and strength in executing the Projects with best Onsite - Offshore models.


Cockpit module is the center attracted Interior module which is having quite complex design from different OEMs.

Experience in developing Main substrate with Foam, Slush and Leather variants, different Welding Technologies, Air ducts, Defrost Channels, Air outlets, HUD and Non HUD variants, Glove Box components and mechanisms.

Door Panels

During last 10 years Door Panel manufacturing technologies improved a lot and coming with innovative Ambient Lighting and innovative Armrests.

Experienced in Main carries with skin and fabric, Speaker grills, Arm Rest, Map pockets and complex Gas channel design competency.

Center Consoles

The core design competency in Centre console with main Carrier integration with Instrument Panels, side Panels with and without Leather, Cupholder, Armrest with key function of storage box etc.

Trunk Compartments

Full Trunk compartment with side panels which includes net and without net. Left side and Right side Trunk panels with required options of net,Toggle hook etc..

Trunk floor made of simple and divided front and rear partitions which gives more store room and convenience.


A,B,C and D Pillar competencies. Lower and upper pillar with the interfaces to neighbouring components. Pillars with different manufacturing processes and also the Belt attachment structures.

Floor Carpets

Floor carpets for premium segment models which involves akustik pads and some carpets with net integrated in co-driver side. Design considering layers and thickness of materials and hot extrusion methods with foaming technology.

Lighting Systems

Ambient Lighting which involves in the interior systems. Design expertise in Ambient Guide light with the end connections and the placement of the ambient light with the the required back panels.

HVAC and Cooling Module

HVAC system with its components like Blower housings, Evaporator housing and Distribution housing with integrated Flaps and mechanisms. Cooling module system support in various levels of design cycle.

Control panel designs with different kinematic mechanisms involved.


Full development cycle expertise in concepts to serial phase adn involved in big OEM programs where Front and Rear bumpers were executed. The experience in Bumpers from 2001 onwards where the design was still in CATIA V4.

Body Panels and Sheet Metal

Body Panels and sheet metal design support.

Engine Compartment

Various plastic components designing involved in Engine compartment where windshield, Sealing and water management needs to be considered.