Product Engineering

Our core strength lies in comprehensive product engineering services covering Interiors, Exteriors, Sheet MetalsPrototypesand BIW designs. This is supported by our expertise in the entire product design process, from conceptualization to tool modifications, ensuring a comprehensive approach.

We integrate our mastery of plastic molding and tool knowledge early in the conceptual stage, resulting in robust designs that facilitate seamless product manufacturing.

Catering exclusively to OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers in Germany and the EU, we have a track record of successfully executing numerous projects, granting us valuable insights into their expectations and manufacturing feasibility. This deep understanding is integrated into our design cycle, enabling us to streamline project lead times and reduce overall costs, thereby delivering exceptional value to our customers.

Our Product Services

Mastering Automotive Design: From Concept to Completion for OEMs and Tier-1 Suppliers!


The Cockpit module provides safe and comfortable interaction between the driver and the vehicle. This center attracted interior module comes with quite a complex design from different OEMs.

We are experienced in customer-focused development of Main substrates with foam, Slush, and Leather variants, different Welding technologies, Air ducts, Defrost channels, Air outlets, HUD and non-HUD variants, Glove box components, and mechanisms.

Door Panels

During the last decade or so, the Door Panel manufacturing technologies have been improved significantly giving a way to innovative Ambient Lighting, Armrests and etc. We understand that these panels are the essential interface between the passengers and the inner workings of doors.

We are competent in designing Main carriers with skin and fabric, Speaker grills, Arm Rest, Map pockets and complex Gas channels.

Center Consoles

Interior Center Consoles

Our core competency lies in the meticulous design of center consoles for cars, focusing on the main carrier structure. We possess the expertise to seamlessly integrate these consoles with instrument panels, side panels (with or without leather upholstery), cup holders, and armrests, each designed with key functionalities such as storage compartments.

Trunk Compartments

Our expertise extends to the comprehensive design of car trunk compartments, encompassing the creation of both left and right side trunk panels, complete with options for netting and toggle hooks as per your preference.

Additionally, our approach to trunk floor design incorporates simple yet effective divided front and rear partitions, maximizing storage capacity and convenience for your needs.


Our competency zin car pillar design includes the full spectrum of A, B, C, and D pillars. This encompasses the lower and upper sections of the pillars, ensuring seamless interfaces with adjacent components for optimal integration.

Moreover, our expertise extends to pillars designed using various manufacturing processes, ensuring versatility and efficiency. We also specialize in creating robust belt attachment structures within the pillars, enhancing both safety and functionality in your vehicle design.

Floor Carpets

When designing floor carpets for premium segment models, we prioritize functionality and aesthetics. This includes integrating acoustic pads for enhanced sound insulation and incorporating nets on the co-driver side for added convenience.

Our design approach involves meticulous consideration of material layers and thickness to achieve the desired durability and comfort levels. We utilize advanced hot extrusion methods combined with foaming technology to create carpets that meet industry standards in terms of quality and performance.

Lighting Systems

Innovative lighting systems play a pivotal role in enhancing the ambiance of car interiors. Our design prowess extends to ambient lighting, encompassing the creation of ambient guide lights complete with end connections, ensuring seamless integration and functionality. We also focus on strategic placement of ambient lighting, considering the necessary back panels to achieve optimal illumination and aesthetic appeal.

HVAC and Cooling Module

Our expertise in CAR HVAC and Cooling Module encompasses the entire HVAC system, including critical components such as Blower housings, Evaporator housing, and Distribution housing, each integrated with advanced flaps and mechanisms to ensure efficient air distribution and temperature control.

Additionally, our support in the Cooling Module system spans across various stages of the design cycle, from conceptualization to implementation, guaranteeing comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Moreover, our proficiency extends to the design of control panels, where we incorporate diverse kinematic mechanisms to facilitate intuitive and precise control over the HVAC and Cooling systems, enhancing user experience and functionality.

Comprehensive Car Interior Design Solutions

Elevate your car's interior to new heights of luxury and functionality. Explore our range of design services for Cockpits, Door Panels, Center Consoles, Trunk Compartments, Pillars, Floor Carpets, Lighting Systems, HVAC, and Cooling Modules today.

Let's transform your customers' driving experience.

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Our proficiency in car exterior bumpers spans the entire development cycle, starting from conceptualization and extending through to the serial production phase. Over the years, we have successfully executed projects involving the design and development of front and rear bumpers for numerous prominent OEM programs.

Our experience in bumper design dates back to 2001, during the era of CATIA V4, showcasing our long-standing commitment to innovation and adaptation to evolving design technologies.

Body Panels and Sheet Metal

Our expertise in Body Panels and Sheet Metal design encompasses a wide range of services aimed at enhancing the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of vehicles. Our team leverages advanced design tools and techniques to create Body Panels and Sheet Metal solutions that not only meet but exceed industry expectations. Whether it’s optimizing panel thickness for durability or incorporating intricate detailing for visual impact, we strive to deliver innovative and reliable designs that contribute to the overall excellence of automotive manufacturing.

Engine Compartment

Our expertise in Car Engine Compartment design extends to the meticulous creation of a diverse range of plastic components that are integral to the efficient functioning and overall performance of the engine compartment. We prioritize the specific requirements related to Windshield integration, ensuring optimal fitment and functionality to enhance visibility and aerodynamics.

Additionally, our design considerations encompass Sealing mechanisms, where we implement innovative solutions to prevent leaks and maintain airtight conditions within the engine compartment. We also address Water management needs, strategically designing components to channel and divert water away from critical engine parts, enhancing durability and performance under various environmental conditions.

Innovative Car Exterior Design Solutions

Redefine your car's exterior with our comprehensive design services. From Bumpers to Body Panels, Sheet Metal, and Engine Compartments, our expertise ensures a blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Explore our solutions today and have your customers drive in style.

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Crafting Automotive Excellence at IES from Concept to Reality. We are passionate about transforming raw sheet metal into the building blocks of exceptional vehicles. We offer a comprehensive suite of design services for a wide range of automotive sheet metal components, including:

Body Panels

From sleek curves to aerodynamically sculpted surfaces, we design captivating body panels that define your vehicle’s aesthetic and functionality.


We create footboards that are not only stylish but also prioritize strength, grip, and passenger comfort, catering to both on-road and off-road needs.

Mounting Brackets & Rails

Our meticulous designs ensure your vital car components are securely mounted, optimizing weight distribution, vibration dampening, and ease of assembly.

Chassis Frame Design

We understand the critical role of the chassis frame. Our expertise lies in crafting robust frames using optimal materials and geometries, ensuring superior handling, safety, and longevity.

Beyond Sheet Metal Design

Material Selection

We leverage our extensive knowledge of sheet metal materials, from traditional steel to cutting-edge lightweight alloys, to find the perfect fit for your project’s performance and weight reduction goals.

Fabrication Know-How

We partner with experienced fabrication partners to translate your designs into reality, utilizing state-of-the-art techniques like stamping, laser cutting, and deep drawing.

Prototyping & Testing

We believe in rigorous testing. We can help you prototype your designs and conduct structural and weight analyses to ensure optimal performance.

Specialized Sheet metal Design Services

Comprehensive sheet metal design solutions covering body panels, chassis frames, material selection, fabrication, prototyping, and testing.

Transforming Concepts into Reality with Precision Engineering and Innovative Design Solutions.

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Lamination Tools: Building the Foundation

We design and manufacture high-quality lamination tools, the unsung heroes that ensure perfect bonding of composite materials used in car bodies and components. Our focus is on creating durable, efficient tools that guarantee precise results.

Ergonomic Models: Putting Comfort in the Driver's Seat

We specialize in crafting ergonomic models, physical representations of vehicle interiors that prioritize driver and passenger comfort and safety. Utilizing advanced anthropometric data, we create models that allow for optimal seating positions, control placement, and overall user experience.

Show Car Models: Where Dreams Take Shape

We understand the importance of creating show cars that turn heads. Our team of skilled designers and fabricators will translate your vision into a stunning show car model, pushing the boundaries of design and craftsmanship.

Wind Tunnel Design Services: Optimizing Performance

We offer comprehensive wind tunnel design services, helping you refine the aerodynamics of your vehicle. Our services include wind tunnel model creation, testing procedures, and data analysis, ensuring your car achieves peak performance and efficiency.

Beyond the Surface

Advanced Design Techniques

Our team utilizes cutting-edge software like CATIA and Siemens NX to create precise and detailed models for every project.

Focus on Functionality

While aesthetics are important, we understand the need for functionality. Our designs incorporate ergonomic principles and prioritize user needs.

Prototyping & Testing

We believe in hands-on testing. We can help you create prototypes for lamination and ergonomic models, allowing for real-world evaluation and refinement.

Wind Tunnel Expertise

Our team collaborates with wind tunnel facilities to conduct meticulous tests, analyzing airflow, drag, and downforce to optimize your vehicle’s design.

Proven Prototype Design Solutions

Expertly designed lamination tools, ergonomic models, show car models, and wind tunnel services to optimize performance and comfort.

Engineering Excellence with Advanced Techniques and Unmatched Expertise.

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