Emmani Group

Where international automotive design meets innovation!

Welcome to Indian Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. (IES), a subsidiary of Emmani Group and a leading provider of engineering solutions that drive innovation in the automotive industry. With a rich history of delivering cutting-edge products and services, we are at the forefront of automotive design, manufacturing, and simulation.

At IES, we are committed to excellence in Product Engineering, where our talented teams bring ideas to life, shaping the future of car interiors and exteriors. From Cockpits and Door Panels to Trunk Compartments and Lighting Systems, our expertise spans the entire spectrum of automotive design.

In Manufacturing Engineering, we provide access to a network of competitive service providers, offering solutions in Tool Design, 3D Printing, and Machining Components. Our focus on precision and efficiency ensures that our manufacturing processes meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.
Simulation is a vital part of our offerings, enabling us to analyze and optimize designs for optimal performance. With expertise in Meshing, Static, and Dynamic Analysis, we provide comprehensive simulation solutions that guide our engineering decisions and drive innovation.
Joining Indian Engineering Services (IES) means becoming part of a dynamic team dedicated to pushing boundaries and creating impactful solutions for the automotive industry. We offer a collaborative work environment, opportunities for professional growth, and a chance to work on exciting projects that shape the future of mobility.
If you are passionate about automotive engineering and innovation, we invite you to explore career opportunities at IES. Join us in shaping the future of automotive design and engineering.
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