About us - Emmani Group and IES Indian Engineering Services

Get to know about us!

EMMANI GmbH is a pioneer of automotive product engineering design services. We at Emmani Group have proven our expertise in designing both Interior and Exterior components for the Premium segment in the international automotive industry.

IES Indian Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. in India is a wholly owned subsidiary of Emmani Group. It has been strategically situated in Hyderabad, India, an epitome of the world class service industry and also a source of highly skilled engineers.

We work in close collaboration with our customers. Our customers leverage our years of experience in all phases of product development starting from concept design to bench marketing to feasibility studies. We

  • Assist our customers decide with confidence and ease by presenting multiple, yet most suitable, concepts,
  • Effectively communicate to finalyse product specifications,
  • later, Work out the feasibility for assembly and manufacturing aspects with precision,
  • then Develop detailed designs using CAD, CAE, and PLM tools,
  • Share our latest designs with the validation and manufacturing teams,
  • Incorporate our customer’s inputs throughout this process to ensure full compliance.

Our Principles at Work

We consistently improve the quality of our solutions and reduce the turnaround time. We meticulously achieve this by

  • Using open innovation techniques and concurrent engineering practices,
  • Following through the established processes, and
  • Involving our experts in decision making right from the start.

This approach results in better quality of designs with least surprises at the later stages of building products such as prototyping or even the schedule slippage subsequently. Our customers are rest assured as we incorporate practices and adapt processes to deliver quality work.

Our Primary Skills

  • Strong Domain Expertise in Automotive Plastics and Body Design
  • Unique Delivery Processes
  • Efficient Execution
  • Deliver Successful Solutions
  • OEM Best Practices and CAD Methodologies
  • Expert in Implementation of Automotive Safety Standards in Designs

Our Strengths to Choose us

We strive to deliver the following value proposition, a multitude of benefits, to our customers at an optimized cost per hour model.

  • Superior designs with our quality services,
  • Fulfill needs as expected and per industry standards,
  • Flexible integration with your project specific timelines,
  • Leverage cost effective solutions.

EMMANI GmbH has been positioned to deliver that value in coordination with our subsidiary IES Indian Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.. We as Emmani Group do,

  • Offer customer centric quality services at an optimized cost and suitable delivery models,
  • Deliver ultimate customer satisfaction,
  • Value our customers achieving their goals of low cost, best quality and timely delivery,
  • Focus on efficient processes to make a long-term design services partner,
  • Deliver quality work meeting expectations,
  • Hire, groom, retain and promote the best engineers in the industry.

Our Vision

To be a trusted and smart partner of choice delivering high quality design services for every satisfactory customer.

Our History


IES Indian Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. has initially taken its shape in 2009 to serve our German customer Magna Interiors. It was formed at Hyderabad, the cyber city of India, with the elite engineers in conceptual product design, virtual validation of automotive interiors and exteriors systems.

Since then we have served more German customers concentrating on the Premium vehicle segment offering the quality interiors and exteriors design support. We are proud to be a partner of choice to various tier-1 and tier-2 Automotive Interior and Exterior systems suppliers.


Ing.Büro EMMANI was founded in 2011. Inspired by the needs of onsite support in Germany, the Ing.Büro EMMANI was formed to better support customers with the local presence in Germany and to ensure compliance with German regulations.


EMMANI GmbH, the Emmani Group, was founded in 2021 expanding from the Ing.Büro EMMANI. Our aim for ultimate customer satisfaction inspired EMMANI GmbH to support our clients within Germany/EU by leveraging the strength of executing its quality work by IES from India.

Meet Our Management Team

Raghunath Emmani is the founder and Managing Director of EMMANI GmbH in Germany and IES Indian Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. in India.

Raghunath Emmani

Managing Director

Raghunath Emmani is the founder and Managing Director of EMMANI GmbH in Germany and IES Indian Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. in India.

Raghunath has acquired both Technical and Managerial credentials. He has done his Post Diploma in Tool Design and subsequently finished Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical. He then acquired his Masters in Business Administration.

Throughout his career since 1996, his hands-on experience with CAD, Product Design & Development and his service in several Managerial positions is exemplary!

Raghunath is very passionate about delivery excellence. He has been instrumental in setting up several offshore development centers for major Tier-1 Suppliers in Germany. He is a keen strategist with a flair for driving process Innovations and Organizational development. He is a visionary who attributes his success to the teamwork, the entrepreneurial skills and the aptitude to leverage opportunities in the industry to better serve the customers.


5 Years

Asst.Manager PUNE

15 Years

Head -Indian Operations

4 Years

GM-Central Europe 2
Sindelfingen, Germany